Emory Hospital And The Ebola Scare

By atlantahotelsgeorgia August 30, 2015 Atlanta Tips And Info

As you know by now we’ve had the big ebola scare here in the states for the last couple of months. With all that went on with the patients in dallas and the debacle at parkland hospital, emory hospital in atlanta was well equipped and had the proper procedures and protocols in place to hand this epidemic.

You would think all hospitals, or at least most of them would have policies in place for something like this, however parkland in dallas we under equipped and underwhelmed which resulted in the death of an ebola patient.

There are talks of a lawsuit by the family of the deceased patient, unlike other lawsuits like the davinci robot lawsuit, which is an actual medical malpractice lawsuit, i dont know what recourse the family would have being the patient lied about having ebola when he flew into the country.

But we will see, looks like the dallas based hospital really need to pay attention to how emory is handling the ebola issue and adjust their policies accordingly.